When you’re looking to hire a commercial trash service, you likely put considerations such as price and convenience at the top of your list. But how much thought have you given to going local?

From buying into the local economy to recommitting yourself to community service, here are five reasons you should hire a commercial trash service that’s locally owned.

1. Local Businesses Present More Opportunities for Education

Nameless, faceless corporations tend to be impersonal but when your waste control company is headquartered just a short drive away, you can really begin to understand the role you play in keeping Oklahoma beautiful. At American Waste Control, we’re so proud of our recycling technology and environmentally friendly practices that we host field trips and tours at our American Environmental Landfill and Tulsa Recycle and Transfer locations just so we can share what we’ve learned.

2. They Value Superior Customer Service

When your neighbors are your clients, you tend to take special care in treating them exactly the way you’d like to be treated. That’s why American Waste Control employs team members that have a passion for going above and beyond. We also try to make things easy on our customers; from creating an intuitive online ordering system for temporary dumpster rental to embracing automatic bill pay, we’ve taken steps to streamline operations so you can manage your account at your convenience.

3. They Have Strong Ties to the Community

Companies founded and run by locals tend to feel strongly about giving back to their neighbors and American Waste Control is no exception. We donate part of every dollar we make to the American Therapeutic Riding Center, a facility dedicated to helping people of all ages and ability levels conquer life challenges using equine therapy. We’re also involved with the Tulsa Christmas Parade, an annual tradition for families in Green Country for over nine decades.

4. Sustainability Means More When It Impacts You Directly

Save the planet is a fantastic concept and a worthwhile goal but sometimes it’s easier to inspire change when you have the opportunity to make a difference on a local level. Partnering with a trash company in Tulsa that has a vested interest in keeping Oklahoma clean means that you can see your investment at work.

5. It’s Easier to Up Your Recycling Efforts

With all the other operational tasks on your to-do list, it’s easy to push business recycling to the side. American Waste Control turns recycling into a stress-free activity by giving business owners multiple ways to turn their recyclables in for processing. Just check out our list of accepted materials and either schedule permanent pickup of your recyclables or drop your goods off at one of our numerous Mr. Murph recycling bins located all over Green County.

For more information on how you can support a locally owned Tulsa business while also streamlining your trash collection services, visit the American Waste Control website or call us at (918) 446-0023.