What We Deliver

With AWC, your business gets a one-stop solution for every waste disposal need you have. We’re the only Tulsa company with fully integrated waste solutions, plus a commitment to customer satisfaction you just won’t find with other companies.

Whether you need a temporary or permanent dumpster for your business locale, American Waste Control will give you quality service and at the best rate, guaranteed. Our number one aim is to streamline your waste collection process, saving you time and money so you can focus on what’s really important—your business.

As the home to Oklahoma’s only hybrid MRF, American Waste Control makes it a simple process for businesses to recycle through normal trash pickup. Since waste from AWC customers is automatically transported to Tulsa Recycle and Transfer and filtered through its Materials Recovery Facility (MRF), every AWC business customer has their own full-fledged and effective recycling program without having to presort recyclable items.

We’re Tulsa’s leader when it comes to disposal cleanliness and reliability. Recognized as the “best run landfill in the state” by the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality, AWC offers the safest and most environmentally sound avenue for disposing not only of construction waste, but any special waste or soils.