With every load, American Waste Control attempts to reduce the frequency of pickups and the carbon footprint by compacting the trash to take up less space. In real-world experience, this results in an average of 40% fewer trips—in effect reducing fuel consumption and air pollution by our trucks by 40%.

Smart Routing
Intelligent and highly efficient routing helps cut AWC’s carbon footprint substantially as will its practice of regularly scheduled route audits.

American Waste Control utilizes on-board computing and GPS to paint a detailed, highly-accurate picture of all route activity: pickups, breaks, landfill activity, and more. The incorporation of cameras create a complete routing system to help AWC manage its fleet, drivers, and routes in real-time.

Fuel Additive
Another way we help the environment is with the use of a special additive, called urea that goes into the diesel fuel of our new trucks. Urea assists in generating a cleaner fuel mixture for our vehicles as we strive to reduce pollution and our carbon footprint for our daily activities.

Paperless Billing
We offer paperless billing and electronic payment options through our website for customers who choose to go green.