Most animal lovers in Green Country were shocked and saddened to learn about two major dog rescues facilitated by the Tulsa Humane Society in less than a week. In one instance, nearly 70 dogs in good health were taken from a home. The other involved a rescue of over 50 dogs.

The shelter usually has far less than that at any particular time, and the sudden increase of pets has created a severe intake crisis.

After seeing stories in the media about the large number of rescues handled in such a short period of time, Kenneth F. Burkett, Founder and President of American Waste Control, knew he couldn’t just sit quietly and do nothing. That is why he immediately issued a challenge to his employees to help raise funds for the organization.

For every dollar they donated to the center, he vowed to personally match the same amount. “The goal is to raise as much as we can for the Humane Society of Tulsa to help with the added expense associated with housing and caring for the pets rescued this week,” explains Burkett. “We know that every little bit helps and want to do our part as best as we can.”

Burkett is a well-known animal lover. The company’s American Environmental Landfill location in Sand Springs is home to several head of Texas longhorn cattle, turtles, birds, and even a few rescue dogs. And the center also works to help with multiple different environmental projects, such as increasing the local honeybee population and planting milkweed to act as a breeding ground for Monarch butterflies.

Thus, raising money for the Tulsa Humane Society isn’t too much of a stretch for a company (and man) who is already dedicated to helping animals in Oklahoma.

“These dogs didn’t do anything to deserve being treated badly,” remarks Burkett. “Our goal is to help the Tulsa Humane Society so that they can have the resources they need to find them forever homes.”

If you would like to help the Tulsa Humane Society directly, online donations may be made at