American Waste Control is locally owned and operated. With over 40 years of service in the Tulsa area, we have discovered ways to create a sustainable environment. With the creation of Feed Mr. Murph and our partnership with American Environmental Landfill, AWC has taken pivotal steps to ensure we build a green future.

Recycling is Important

American Waste Control believes in recycling for our future. Recycling is easily accessible with Mr. Murph containers located all over the Tulsa area. Find a container near you with our interactive map.

The Material Recovery Facility (MRF) is located at Tulsa Recycle and Transfer. This machine was specifically designed to separate recyclables. The automation of Mr. Murph has a 95% recovery rate, establishing a cleaner environment. Make recycling a priority in your school, business, or organization and order a container on our website today.

Same Day Delivery

Dumpster rental has never been easier! AWC offers a variety of rentals to help with any business or household project. Our convenient online ordering system walks you through step-by-step to ensure you find the ideal solution for your waste needs. Order before noon and our customer representatives can help get same-day delivery.

Online Ordering

Searching for a roll-off or front-loader container? Place your dumpster order on our website now. This easy-to-use system compares sizes and prices. After you decide what size of dumpster your project needs, simply list what type of items you are placing in the container, choose a delivery date, and specify any delivery instructions our employees might need to be aware of. If problems arise, contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Customer Service

AWC customer service department is here to help! Our waste disposal experts can assist with online ordering, address problems with service, or establish a service plan with our company. Here are just a few examples of happy customers:

“Shaleigh called in for assistance and service. She stated she ALWAYS receives awesome customer service from EVERYONE with AWC. From the driver to customer service reps and beyond her and her husband are very pleased with the service, professionalism, and courtesy provided by AWC employees.”

Chris M. with Storey Oaks called to let me know how grateful she is for Ann’s help whenever she calls us. Chris said she recently took over a new business and had had several questions about past invoices and every time she calls Ann is very helpful and always has graciously and happily helped her with questions. She said Ann’s tone is always very soothing and she will always ask for her whenever she has to call us.
-Chris M, Storey Oaks

“Big enough to serve you, small enough to know you.” Work with a company that is committed to caring for the environment and puts the customer first. Find contact numbers and location information on our website now.

Terms and Conditions

Container placement and usage:

All containers will be placed on a hard or paved surface to prevent property damage. If a customer requests placement on an unpaved surface, this could result in increased costs if inclement weather prevents removal on the date requested. Costs could include: (1) a trip fee based on location and no less than $50, and (2) additional lease fees at current rental rate until ground conditions allow for removal. If the container is placed on an unpaved surface at the customer’s request, the customer assumes all responsibility for any increased costs and any damage to the ground or grass this may cause.

Due to safety concerns, please do not attempt to move a container once placed at your site. If you need a container moved before final pickup, please call customer service at 918-446-0023.

American Waste Control, Inc. is not responsible for accidents, injury or damage caused by a container or to a container while the container is at the customer’s location.


Most material is acceptable for disposal in our temporary containers. Please see the following list for exceptions. If unsure of size or material, please contact customer service at 918-446-0023 prior to placing items in containers.

    • Follow Special Instructions
      • Refrigerators and air conditioners – disconnect and drain Freon
      • Lawn mowers or other lawn equipment – drain gas and oil tanks
    • Special Quote Required

(Not allowed unless preapproved, call 918-446-0023 before placing any of these items in your dumpster)

    • Hazardous or flammable substances
    • Biohazardous materials
    • Car batteries
    • Tires – minimum charge of $25 per tire
    • Wet paint or other solvents
  • Not allowed
    • Dead animals

Please review the following chart for other restrictions:

*If a container is overloaded, American Waste Control, Inc. will either charge additional fees to haul the container or require the customer to offload material prior to removal if the container is unable to be safely hauled.