Meeting the needs of Tulsa schools and universities is something we excel at. We offer comprehensive options specifically tailored to your waste needs and strive to
help your school achieve a higher level of environmental sustainability. We’ll work with you to enhance your green program goals by:

• Making a complete assessment of waste that is disposed of on campus as well as current methods of disposal.
• Helping establish a team of volunteers at your school that will encourage campus wide involvement of your green initiatives.
• Finding opportunities to recycle your waste items and divert them from landfills.
• Utilizing our Mr. Murph campaigns to encourage participation and inspire students to make your campus the best it can be.

With our innovative solutions, American Waste Control Waste is helping achieve sustainability without jeopardizing cost effectiveness. Our goal is to proactively collaborate with your school to enhance your campus’s current green efforts as well as realize greater economic benefit from your waste program.