In the last several years, we’ve been able to successfully weather the economic downturn and even position ourselves for new growth as a company.

We used this time to design and implement a new $10 million Materials Recovery Facility (Mr. Murph) that has helped position us as an undisputed leader in the Tulsa recycling market. Our Mr. Murph is a complete branding program, complete with website and innovative school curriculum, that helps us educate businesses and families about waste recycling and how the MRF technology works to positively impact the environment. We believe our success effectively positioned our company to compete and gain the 10-year recycling contract recently awarded for the entire residential community for the City of Tulsa.

The recent downturn also meant we were able to secure superior contractors often not available during robust economic times. We took advantage of this by building new cells, a scale house, roads and solidification processes at our sub-title D landfill. We even developed new innovations, such as our waste to energy process for capturing methane gas from drilled wells in our landfill, converting it into electricity to power over 5000 homes.

At AWC, we can honestly say, nothing means more to us than serving our community. Tulsa is our home—and it is our priority to make a difference in the lives of people as we build upon a legacy of caring and doing in our city. Putting Tulsa first will always be something we strive to do and the heart of our business passion. Our focus is on building a stronger, more sustainable company —and our success begins and ends with how best we can improve people’s lives, now and for years to come.