Which Tulsa Commercial Trash Service Company Offers a Special Bar and Restaurant Program?

When it comes to commercial trash service, not all programs are created the same. Depending on your industry, your business likely has specific needs in regards to what items need to be disposed of, and those items often require special handling. This is especially true for food service operations that receive large orders several times per week, generating a significant amount of material waste in the process. Add to that the recyclable items your kitchen and bar staff cycle through as they create dishes and mix drinks—such as glass bottles, cardboard, paper, aluminum and steel cans—and your waste removal requirements can mount quickly.

American Waste Control has a special bar and restaurant program designed to address the needs of companies in the hospitality sector. Between our commercial trash containers, regular service, and Mr. Murph recycling bins ideal for everything from food cans to cardboard, we have your business covered. In addition, our recycling program can even help you save money on your City of Tulsa taxes. For more information, call (918) 446-0023 or contact our customer service online.

What Industries Can a Commercial Trash Service Company in Tulsa Service?

At American Waste Control, servicing the bar and restaurant industry is just the beginning of what we can do. We’ve created tailored industry solutions for a wide variety of businesses, ensuring that companies across the greater Tulsa area can run their operations in a way that is both efficient and environmentally friendly.

Our targeted service plans include solutions for refineries and waste sites, healthcare facilities, commercial properties, manufacturing and industrial businesses, construction zones, municipalities, and schools and universities. We can also serve as waste cycle advisors, working with business owners to develop proactive ideas for reducing overall waste disposal costs while helping to improve their day-to-day operations in the process.

To start your commercial trash service or schedule delivery of your rental dumpsters, use our convenient online order form.

What Are the Benefits of Working with a Tulsa Commercial Trash Service?

Partnering with a commercial trash service in Tulsa holds a great many benefits for local business owners. American Waste Control has grown big enough to offer a diverse array of services but we still value personalized interactions and incredible customer service. We believe in delivering exceptional value to our customers, not only helping them find solutions for their waste control concerns but also supporting them as they spur their own businesses on to greater heights.

Our team at American Waste Control has more than 40 years of experience in the business waste disposal industry. Our family also includes Tulsa Recycle & Transfer and American Environmental Landfill, creating an umbrella of resources with which we empower our Tulsa neighbors to think bigger, work smarter, and give back more.

To find out more about American Waste Control, read up on our mission and discover how much we care about the community in which we live and work.

Who is the Best Commercial Trash Service Company in Tulsa?

If you’re trying to choose a commercial trash service company in Tulsa, you have to be wondering who is considered the best. While that title is arguably subjective, we think our accomplishments and accolades make a pretty good case all on their own.

At the very core of American Waste Control is our commitment to the people and land that make Tulsa so amazing. We believe in serving our community, driving innovation, caring for the incredible gift that is our natural surroundings, and educating our neighbors on the ins and outs of recycling so that we can all work together to keep our country beautiful. We also believe that leadership starts by setting an example – that’s why part of our profits go directly to the life-changing work spearheaded by the American Therapeutic Riding Center.

Partnering with the premiere waste control company in Tulsa is as easy as a quick point and click. You can order our commercial waste bins online, making sustainability and progress one of the easiest and most convenient decisions you’ll ever make.