Recycling Made Easy!

At AWC, we wanted to develop an easy, convenient method for people all over Tulsa to recycle. The answer was our Mr. Murph recycling container—a bin where people could place their paper, plastic, aluminum and steel into one container with no sorting needed. To make the program even more convenient, we developed a website that …

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We Imagine the Possibilities

At American Waste Control, our absolute number one goal is caring for Tulsa’s environment. Each day, we work hard to find the most innovative approach to recycling waste so we can turn recycling from just a good idea…to a simple and meaningful part of people’s lives. Our new Materials Recovery Facility or Mr. Murph, as …

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Thank a Garbage Man

To me, garbage men are heroes. I’m not talking the flying, muscle bound type in costumes from childhood. But, real men and women without capes, who do real work for the sake of their families and community. Now, that’s a real hero. My gratitude for them borders on amazement—and I feel they need to hear …

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Thank You, Roger!

Last Friday we honored Roger Burkett, our VP of Operations. He’s been with us for 33 years. American Waste Control would not be what it is today had it not been for his work, service and dedication to our employees and customers. Thank you Roger for 33 amazing years!

Ask Mr. Murph

How do you screen recyclables from other waste? The process starts at our scale house where our certified workers screen waste material to determine if it’s acceptable for processing. Other screening points include our tipping floor spotters and MRF loader operators who routinely look over material to deem its acceptability status. How do you measure …

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Unboxing Christmas, Huge Success!!

Thank you Tulsa for helping us recover 2,294,721 pounds of recyclables this year during our Unboxing Christmas Campaign. With the money from it, we were able to present a special check in the amount of $10,000 to the American Therapeutic Riding Center! Thank you, Tulsa. You made it a HUGE success!!!