At American Waste Control, we’re delivering a huge one-two punch in our effort to reuse and recycle our city’s waste. Any waste material that we’re not able to process through our Mr. Murph recycling facility is being sent to our new Waste to Energy processing plant at American Environmental Landfill and turned in to power.

Our system relies on methane-rich gas made by decomposing garbage at our landfill. After capturing the gas, we’re using generators to convert it into electricity. We’re then able to deliver that electricity to a local power plant to power over 4800 homes around our landfill area.

What Does That Mean for Your Business?

As a valued customer, you can rest assured, you’re part of a team that’s helping Tulsa become even more beautiful and eco-friendly. Not only are you helping conserve both natural resources and energy, but you’re sending a clear-cut message to your customers that you’re passionate about protecting our planet. That’s a good thing!
To find out more, please contact your American Waste Control sales rep today at (918) 446-0023 or email us at [email protected]