Due to the icy conditions, we are not running routes today, January 22nd. We will ALWAYS prioritize the safety of our people. Please keep your carts curbside and we’ll collect missed areas and missed commercial stops throughout the week. Thank you for your understanding. Please share and spread the word.


What is an overage / overweight fee?

All containers provided by American Waste Control are sold with a weight limit, depending on the type and size of the container. If your container exceeds the weight limit included with the price per haul, overweight charges will be included on your next invoice. In the event a container exceeds the maximum legal weight limit, we will contact you prior to hauling to discuss.

Weight limits will be discussed at the point of sale, including rates and charges that could be incurred for exceeding the weight limit. Disposing of dense items—like brick, tile, sand, and more—can very easily cause a container’s weight to exceed the limit. So if you have any questions, be sure to contact us at (918) 446-0023 PRIOR to filling the container and we’ll be happy to provide you with guidance!