You can count on AWC to bring you a turnkey waste solution for apartments and multi-family housing that helps answer your environmental and financial needs.

We offer three Mr. Murph recycling plans to help the residents of your apartments or multi family housing continue to recycle and embrace their passion for green living.

• Bronze—Residents can place all their co-mingled trash into our AWC bins. The trash is collected and transported to the MRF facility where we mechanically and manually sort out recyclables.
• Silver—For this plan, residents will use green bags to help them separate their recyclables before hand. This makes it easier for AWC trash operators to sort out recyclables from the rest of the waste stream.
• Gold—This plan provides the greatest effectiveness when it comes to sorting out recyclables for your apartment complex. AWC will provide a separate Mr. Murph recyclable container for residents in addition to the normal trash bin.

Our goal is to provide the ideal way for apartment residents and management to practice sustainability while reaping the rewards of a fully effective recycling program.
With each plan, your apartment complex will receive an official Mr. Murph certificate and promotional material to help distinguish it as a Mr. Murph certified recycling partner.

Working together, we can help you develop a greener waste management program and implement proven recycling practices that exemplify the best in waste disposal and sustainability.