Due to the icy conditions, we are not running routes today, January 22nd. We will ALWAYS prioritize the safety of our people. Please keep your carts curbside and we’ll collect missed areas and missed commercial stops throughout the week. Thank you for your understanding. Please share and spread the word.


How can I manage my automatic payment methods?

Changing and adding automatic payment methods is quick and easy with our system.

To Change Your ACH Autopay

1. For managing ACH automatic payments, please contact us at (918) 446-0023 or at ar@awcok.com to update your information.

To Change Your Debit or Credit Card Autopay

1. For managing debit or credit card automatic payments, first log into your account at https://etower.americanwastecontrol.com/commercial/.

2. From here you’ll want to select the “Manage Pay Accounts” button toward the bottom of your screen. This new page will allow you to add a new card by selecting “Add Account.”

3. After adding and saving your card, return to “Manage Pay Accounts,” and put a checkmark in the “AutoPay” box. Click “Confirm Changes.” To delete a card and/or remove autopay, uncheck the “AutoPay” box for whichever payment method you’d like to remove, put a checkmark in the “Remove” box, and click “Confirm Changes.”

To update the expiration date only, please either delete and re-add the new card online or give us a call at (918) 446-0023. For your protection, please do not send full debit or credit card details via email. Let us know if you have any questions!