Hauling trash as a truck driver in the early morning, Raymond Shinault ditches the gloves and uniform during the day to write books and give hope to troubled youth.

Ray’s full time occupation is a Front End Load driver for us here at American Waste Control where he is in his second year. At the same time, he is also an author of three self-help books and loves speaking to people of all ages about taking charge of their lives.

“Some people wonder how I can be a trash man and do everything else I do,” said Ray. “I tell them it’s all about my desire to help folks. I feel blessed to earn a solid living with American Waste Control while also making a difference in people’s lives. Giving out is a huge part of what keeps me going.”

Raymond started his job as a trash truck driver with us in 2013 just so he could pay the bills and earn a decent wage for his family. He liked the job so much he decided to stick with it, but he also had a lifelong dream of speaking into people’s lives and giving them a hope to pursue life’s purpose. So, he decided to do both.

Inspired by motivational speaker Jim Rohn, Ray had already joined Toast Masters International in 2009 where he found his fit and instantly gained success speaking to audiences large and small. In 2012, he entered a Toast Masters speech contest and won first place at the Club, Area, and Regional Levels. He then made it all the way to Districts, coming in runner up and just shy of qualifying for the Toast Masters World Championships.

Today, he writes books and articles aimed at helping young people and has begun a daily work routine that would put any company CEO to shame: A 5:30 morning shift at American Waste Control, followed by hours in the afternoon writing and managing three social media sites, including his own website at www.raymondshinault.net. To say it’s a challenge is an understatement. Still, Ray says, he wouldn’t trade it for the world.

“It’s not the kind of life everyone would choose, but I love it. After working eight to nine hours a day, I come home and hit the computer so I can develop my ideas and turn them into something impactful. It’s a huge challenge, yes, but I feel a sense of satisfaction from working hard and being able to encourage others.”

Ray’s greatest goal is to become a full time motivational speaker and author, impacting teens and college age kids to stay in school and make the right choices in life. Until then, he says he feels very blessed to drive a truck for American Waste Control and continue serving his community in any way he can.

In Ray’s words: “Fact is, I love what I do. Each day is a new adventure for me whether I’m serving people by picking up their trash or speaking to a group of kids. I’ve found my purpose in giving out to others, and I thank God every day I have the opportunity to pursue my true passion.”

Ray, you are an asset to American Waste Control. Thank you for your passion and willingness to give out to others!