On April 15th, we honored one of our own, Guy Blagg, for 28 years of service. We’re very thrilled and congratulate Guy on a job well done.

Guy began his American Waste Control career on April 15, 1987 as a Senior Sales Rep, leading American Waste Control’s sales efforts in Tulsa, accelerating growth and service levels within the waste management market.

He was promoted in 1992 to Sales Manager and within just three years oversaw the company’s most extensive expansion of clients and revenue in its history, overtaking nationally known Waste Management as the dominant force in Tulsa. Blagg is now the Vice President of Sales for AWC and leads the company in providing collection and recycling service for homes in Bixby, Jenks, and parts of the Tulsa Metro area—along with over 65% of all businesses throughout Tulsa.

Thank you, Guy, for your service!