How do you screen recyclables from other waste?

The process starts at our scale house where our certified workers screen waste material to determine if it’s acceptable for processing. Other screening points include our tipping floor spotters and MRF loader operators who routinely look over material to deem its acceptability status.

How do you measure the amount of recyclables processed?

We measure based on tons per hour processed/tons per hour recovered. We also measure based on uptime of our equipment and ratio of percentage processed to recovered.

What is your maintenance program for keeping the facility and vehicles clean and looking good?

We perform over 100 man hours a day on maintenance and cleaning. Internally, we have an entire shift, working 4 hours a day, to maintain upkeep and cleanliness of building and equipment. On the outside of the building, we have 2 full time workers performing daily tasks, including picking up litter and blowing debris.Describe equipment used at the Mr. Murph facility.

Describe your equipment at the Mr. Murph facility.

The three fully automated processing lines, which include a container line magnet, and eddy current separator, a glass clean up system, and screens for separating out OCC, newsprint and other materials, were designed and manufactured by Bulk Handling Systems,. NRT provided optical units for plastics and Marathon Equipment Company provided balers and the installation.

What is your efficiency and recovery rate for recyclables?

We have gone from 15% recovery rate to 95% recovery rate thanks to the MRF automation. We range from 8 to 20 tons per hour, depending on the line.