Trash to Energy

With the average American throwing away about 5 pounds of trash every day, we realize how critical it is to innovate new ways to use waste as a source of renewable and sustainable energy. Not only does renewable energy benefit our community by serving people’s needs but it also reduces our landfill footprint and our city’s pollution.

Over the coming years, we will continue to expand our emphasis on renewable energy and help our city’s efforts to create energy sustainability within our back yard. The very nature of our business passion is protection of the environment and lessening the impact of trash on the community. Our mission goal will always strive for a collective culture that is passionate about green issues and technological advancements that help our city thrive.

Trash to Energy
Trash to Energy: Our Way of Energizing the Future.

At AWC, we have implemented some innovative approaches for using non-recyclable trash residue at our landfill to produce renewable energy and power homes.

  • Our process starts by capturing methane gas from decomposing trash at our very own American Environmental Landfill through a series of strategically drilled wells.
  • This allows us to collect the gas and convert it via three generators into electricity.
  • We’re then able to deliver that electricity to a local power plant to power over 4000 homes around our landfill area.

It’s our way of squeezing every bit of use out of the disposal process—creating new sources of renewable energy—while also benefitting our community.