Accepted Materials

Tulsa Recycle and Transfer at 1150 N. Peoria

Accepted Materials:

  • All municipal solid waste
  • Construction demolition material
  • Recyclables

Not Accepted:

  • Special or Industrial Waste
  • Radioactive
  • Regulated PCB
  • Regulated untreated infectious biomedical
  • Asbestos
  • Regulated hazardous waste



What Can You Feed Mr. Murph?

Paper – any type of paper, newsprint, office paper, magazines, greeting cards, etc.


Plastics – #1 PET which is mostly clear bottles and #2 hdpe which is mostly opaque bottles.

Cardboard – any type, new boxes, old boxes, corrugated, non-corrugated, even cereal boxes, any type without a heavy wax or plastic coating.

Metals – aluminum, steel, brass, and copper.


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